These pictures didn't fit in. but are still fun!

This is a shot of the radiator frame before I took it apart. Pretty dirty really before I removed the sheet metal and stripped and repainted it.
Look at that Firewall, what a mess, I really needed to get the wiring harness out at this point and repair and replace most of it. I ended up re-wrapping most of the harness and replacing worn or broken connectors.
So far its mostly been allot of pictures of old rusty car parts, here is a blinker body after restoration. It was bead blasted and repainted with under hood black. I find that bead blasting rubber and plastic, as well as metal is the best way to clean it up.
This is a section of the front wheel well, with a mud flap. The mud flaps are stapled on from the factory. new material is available from several vendors, but the stapling is tough, I used pop rivets to replace these, but know of others who went to the trouble to make new staples. On most cars of this era everything is covered in tar undercoating. I use a butane torch to melt the tar, and then scrape it off with a paint scraper. Not exactly fun work but the results are worth it.
Here is the Distributor after restoration. I'll probably replace the points with solid state ignition eventually. Its pretty much impossible to spot CDI ignition unless you take off the rotor cap. Only I will know, and the car will run cleaner and smoother with the hotter spark. Notice my mug on the work bench. Nothing like a good coffee while restoring.
This is the Grill. I took the entire grill apart and cleaned everything with a buffing wheel. The previous owner had accidentally spray painted it from behind. It looks like new now! The really hard core restoration guys send all of these parts out for new anodizing, I just couldn't see doing it for a driver.
Bead Blasting

Author: Bill McKenna