How to get your engine on a stand!

First I had to get the Transmission off of the Engine. I left the Engine on the crane, and lowered the transmission onto a cardboard covered dolly. I then removed all the external bolts. After about an hour of fiddling around I figured out that I also had to remove bolts inside on the flywheel before the tranny would fall off. After the Transmission was off, I just rolled the dolly outside and stood the unit up on end, covering the drive shaft exiting hole.
Now I had the engine ready, Even with the transmission and heads off, I would guess that the engine weighed about 300 pounds. Not exactly easy for one person to deal with. I went to my local hardware store and bought some long bolts for mounting the engine on the stand. and lowered the engine until it was as close as possible to the mounting hardware on the stand.
The tricky part of mounting the engine is getting everything at the right height. I chose to move the stand instead of the engine, for finial positioning. After lining up the bolts I released the crane, and took a break.
Lots of work ahead!!

Author: Bill McKenna