So You've Got an old Broken Down Cadillac!

Restoration of a 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood

This project was completed in January 2002, for my latest project see my XKE site!

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"Before Restoration"
"Under the Hood!"
"Check out Those Carbs!"
"Off With the Heads!"
"Getting the Valves out!"
"Engine Pulling!"
"Putting the Engine on a Stand!"
"The Road Ahead!"
"Painting the Firewall!"
"Front Suspension!"
"Odds and Ends!"
"Bead Blasting!"
"Painting the Frame!"
"Painting the Firewall!"
"Starting to go back together"
"Installing the Front Suspension!"
"More Installation!"
"Taking Out the Rear Suspension!"
"Off to the Engine Shop!"
"Reinstalling the Rear End!"
"Back from the Engine Shop!"
"Cleaning up the Transmission!"
"Installing the Engine!"
"Putting the Engine back together!"
"Getting it running!"
"Wheel Wells etc! "
"Stripping Chrome!"
"Fresh Paint"
"Putting it back together!"
"The Finished Product!"
"Replacing the Interior

Author: Bill McKenna


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