A very full restoration of a 1963 Jaguar XKE FHC

Restoration started Feb 22nd 2002

(Last Updated 7/1/2007)

Hope to have the last page done in a few months!

For my previous project see my 59 Caddy site!

Index of pages

"Before restoration"
"Tear down begins!"
"Pulling the Engine!"
"More Strip Down"
"Body Problems!"
"Building a Rotisserie!"
"Back from the Blasters!"
"Body Work Begins!"
"More Body Work!"
"Lead Working!"
"Body Work Continues!"
"Bonnet Rebuild!"
"Trunk Tub 1!"
"Trunk Tub 2!"
"Trunk Tub 3 or more lead work!"
"Electro Plating with Zinc!"
"Block sanding, and sanding !"
"Primer Coat Two and Three!"
"Color and Clear on the bottom and inside"
"More Plating with Zinc and Nickel"
"Bonnet Mounting Part 1"
"Bonnet Mounting Part 2"
"Bonnet Mounting Part 3 "
"Chrome Fitting!"
"Building a paint booth!"
"Painting the XKE!"
"How to color sand!"
"How to Buff to a show finish!"
"Building a home powder coating station!"
"How to powder coat at home!"
"How to rebuild parts!"
"Tearing down the differential and transmission!"
"Tearing down and micing the engine!"
"Differential Rebuild"
"Starting to Come together! "
"Engine back from the shop!"
"Engine Installation!"
"Getting her ready to run!!"
"Running and almost driving !!"
"Problems and Set backs!"
" Interior Installation!"
Author: Bill McKenna
Email:Bil McKenna
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